Whitehaven Beach and the Whitsunday Islands

We read great reviews about Ocean Rafting, but all of their tours were booked for the dates we needed. Our host found us a great alternative with Whitehaven Xpress, a family-owned company with super friendly staff. You’re guaranteed a more intimate, interactive experience with this company. Highly recommended!

Since we knew we would be in the water during jellyfish season (October through May), we made it a priority to choose a company that would provide us with the best safety gear. Jellyfish stings are NOT a joke, so you best believe we were excited to find full coverage with Whitehaven Xpress…literally.

It rained most of the boat ride, but thankfully the sun peeked out in time for us to enjoy the swirls of Whitehaven Beach. The sand on this island is some of the finest, brightest white in the world since it is made of 98% pure silica. It’s always comfortable to walk on since it doesn’t retain heat, but it can do some major damage to your electronics, so keep those cameras and cell phones protected while you stroll.

For lunch, Whitehaven Xpress staff barbecued some traditional Aussie foods. After lunch, we went to Hill Inlet lookout to witness the spectacular panoramic views of Whitehaven Beach in Tongue Bay.
We finished the excursion with snorkeling in Manta Ray Bay.