News hot off the Press – Dunk Island is to be sold. The Mission Beach locals say about time!

Our very own Captain Shane was once the Assistant General Manager of Dunk Island when owned by P&O Resorts and was later promoted to his first General Manager post at nearby Bedarra Island in 1998. Shane later returned to Dunk Island as Group General Manager of Dunk, Heron and Brampton islands during the GFC until they were all sold off individually. Dunk Island has changed hands a couple of times now, and has also suffered badly from two major Tropical Cyclones.

Capt Shane loves the Whitsunday Islands and especially Whitehaven Beach the most. Even after those very special years around Dunk Island! He says the amount of 74 islands makes the difference to any island groups further North. He does have a soft spot for the Family Group of islands which includes Dunk & Bedarra islands.

Capt Shane will sail from the Gold Coast up through the Southern end of the Whitsundays again in July 2019. Again exploring our more remoteĀ  Whitsunday Islands to the fullest.