About Us

Captain Dan | Master 5 – MED3

Dan has been a mariner since the age of 12.

Bought his first boat at the age of 12 and cruised up the Nepean River hunting Bass and Trout almost every weekend!

Moved to the Whitsundays with his mum and dad in 1989.

First job in watersports as a Skiboat driver for Lindeman Island.

Deckied on various boats in the Whitsundays including the famous Gretel.

Captain for Whitehaven Xpress since 1996.

Capt Shane | Master 5 – MED3

Shane returned to the family business at the age of 40.

He bought his first boat at the age of 32 in Philippines, a bunker boat named after his first son!

He has Captained Dhoni boats in the Maldives and delivered motor vessels from Sydney to Airlie Beach.

Also known as McBriefer!

Captain for Whitehaven Xpress since 2015.

About Us | Our Story

About Us, where to start …. Whitehaven Xpress has been owned by Jill & Terry McNally since 1989.

A true local Whitsunday business based in Airlie Beach, Whitehaven Xpress is one of the few pioneering companies in The Whitsundays that is still owner operated.

In 1989 Lindeman Island Resort commissioned the M.V. Lindeman Pacific, a 15M Fibreglass constructed mono-hull vessel. The concept was to provide a seaworthy vessel to operate the open ocean between Hamilton Island and Lindeman Island as well as provide the resort guests, day tours to the Great Barrier Reef and Whitehaven Beach.

The pilots strike in 1989 which was one of the most expensive and dramatic industrial disputes in Australia’s history influenced the destiny for the new M.V. Lindeman Pacific. In 1990 Jill & Terry relocated to Shute Harbour and started a three island cruise. They later dreamed of enjoying a BBQ each day at Whitehaven Beach! The Whitehaven Beach BBQ dream still continues to this day. Terry’s next great idea was to make a name change from Lindeman Pacific to Whitehaven Xpress. This was back in the 90’s before Google was even invented, great foresight of the old man!

Fast forward 20 years Whitehaven Xpress | Whitehaven Beach Day Trips is operated by their two sons Capt Dan & Capt Shane. The family tradition of the Whitehaven Beach BBQ day tour with a unique Australian style of friendliness and professionalism has been maintained and continues to this day.